Welcome to DARE'14!

Climate change, the depletion of natural resources and rising energy costs have led to an increasing focus on renewable sources of energy. A lot of research has been devoted to the technologies used to extract energy from these sources; however, equally important is the storage and distribution of this energy in a way that is efficient and cost effective. Achieving this would generally require integration with existing energy infrastructure.

The challenge of renewable energy integration is inherently multidisciplinary and is particularly dependant on the use of techniques from the domains of data analytics, pattern recognition and machine learning. Examples of relevant research topics include the forecasting of electricity supply and demand, the detection of faults, demand response applications and many others. This workshop will provides a forum where interested researchers from the various related domains will be able to present and discuss their findings.

New: The proceedings of DARE 2014 have now been published:

Workshop Program

Location: Room 101
Date: 19th September 2014

10:15 - 10:20 Welcome Address

10:20 - 10:40 PowerScope: Early Event Detection and Identification in Electric Power Systems [Preprint PDF]
(Yang Weng, Christos Faloutsos and Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

10:40 - 11:00 The research on vulnerability analysis in OpenADR for Smart Grid [Preprint PDF] [slides]
(Mijeong Park, Miyoung Kang and Jin-Young Choi, Korea University, The Republic of Korea)

11:00 - 11:20 Machine Learning Prediction of Large Area Photovoltaic Energy Production [Preprint PDF]
(Ángela Fernández, Yvonne Gala and José Dorronsoro, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain)

11:20 - 11:50 Coffee Break

11:50 - 12:10 Improving an accuracy of ANN-based mesoscale-microscale coupling model by data categorization: with application to wind forecast for offshore and complex terrain onshore wind farms [Preprint PDF]
(Alla Sapronova, UniResearch, Norway; Matteo Mana and Catherine Meissner, WindSim, Norway)

12:10 - 12:30 Balancing Energy Flexibilities through Aggregation [Preprint PDF]
(Emmanouil Valsomatzis, Katja Hose and Torben Bach Pedersen, Aalborg University, Denmark)

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:20 Machine Learning Techniques for Supporting Renewable Energy Generation and Integration: A Survey [Preprint PDF]
(Kasun Perera, TU Dresden, Germany; Zeyar Aung and Wei Lee Woon, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE)

14:20 - 14:50 A Framework for Data Mining in Wind Power Time Series [Preprint PDF]
(Oliver Kramer, University of Oldenburg, Germany)

14:50 - 15:10 Towards Flexibility Detection in Device-level Energy Consumption [Preprint PDF]
(Bijay Neupane, Torben Bach Pedersen and Bo Thiesson, Aalborg University, Denmark)

15:10 - 15:30 Forecasting and Visualization of Renewable Energy Technologies using Keyword Taxonomies [Preprint PDF]
(Wei Lee Woon and Zeyar Aung, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE; Stuart Madnick, MIT, USA)

Papers to be presented as posters:

Rooftop Detection for Planning of Solar PV Deployment: a Case Study in Abu Dhabi [Preprint PDF]
(Bikash Joshi, Hayk Baluyan, Amer Al-Hinai, Wei Lee Woon, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE)

Systematical Evaluation of Solar Energy Supply Forecasts [Preprint PDF]
(Robert Ulbricht, Robotron, Germany; Martin Hahmann, TU Dresden, Germany; Hilko Donker, Robotron, Germany; Wolfgang Lehner, TU Dresden, Germany)

Important Dates

Submission Deadline6th of July, 2014
Notification to Authors25th of July 2014
Camera-ready Deadline1st of August 2014
Workshop day19th of September 2014 (workshop is now over!)


You can contact us at:
dare2014 (at) dnagroup.org

Program Committee

  • Osman Ahmed, Siemens Building Technologies, USA
  • Amer Al Hinai, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
  • Alvaro A. Cardenas, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  • Dan Cornford, Aston University, UK
  • Mengling Feng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Oliver Kramer, University of Oldenburg, Germany
  • Wolfgang Lehner, Techniche Universitäte Dresden, Germany
  • Panos Liatsis, City University London, UK
  • Jeremy Lin, PJM Interconnection LLC, USA
  • David Lowe, Aston University, UK
  • Francisco Martínez-Álvarez, Pablo de Olavide University of Seville, Spain
  • Bruce McMillin, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
  • See-Kiong Ng, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
  • Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Iyad Rahwan, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE
  • Kamran Shafi, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Kelvin Sim, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
  • Bogdan Trawinski, Wrocław University of Technology, Poland
  • Alberto Troccoli, CSIRO, Australia
  • Wilfred Walsh, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Paul Yoo, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, UAE
  • Hatem Zeineldin, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE